How It Works

Taking a page from the Netflix playbook, Finatic offers surfers an affordable subscription-based service allowing your customers to demo fins from FCS II, FCS, Future Fins, Kinetik, 3D Fins and more. Members also have the ability to demo multiple fin sets simultaneously with a Platinum subscription. Finatic has developed a strategy that recognizes the importance of surf shops to the surf eco-system by including them in the Finatic subscription revenue streams. All Finatic subscribers that become members through an Authorized Partner’s referral (shop code) will be required to select their local retailer at the time of sign-up. Thereafter, that retailer will receive a percent of that subscribers’ membership revenue for the life of the subscription.

What are the Benefits of Becoming An Authorized Partner?

  • Finatic Partners earn a percentage of every Finatic member’s premiums that they refer to Finatic.
  • Income earned is residual for every member referral that remains in the Finatic program!
  • There is NO COST associated with becoming a Finatic Authorized Partner.
  • The Authorized Partner also earns a percentage of any used fins purchased by their referrals.
  • Any members looking to make a new fin purchase will be channeled back to the referring Authorized Partner.
  • Finatic offers Authorized Partners the value of a fin-testing program to further engage their customers.

How Do I Sign Up?

Start with filling out the Finatic Authorized Partner application below.

FCS Futures Kinetic Racing Other

Contact Information

By submitting this form, I verify that the above information provided is accurate and that I have the authorization to submit this information on behalf of said surf shop or oganization. Furthermore, I understand that the information provided will be used to determine my shop’s elibility to become a Finatic Authorized Partner and that it may be approved or disapproved at the sole discretion of Finatic, Inc.